Microsoft Azure AZ-104 Training Video Tutorial

This Self Paced Course of Microsoft Azure Training from Attari Classes will help you to prepare for the Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification – AZ 104, You will learn skills like IAM, Subscriptions Management, Virtual Network, Storage, Networking, Azure AD, Virtual Machines, Load Balancer, VPN, Disaster Recovery, Migrating servers to Azure, Integrating on-premise networks with Azure Cloud, Cost Saving Skills and much more. You will work with various services of the Azure Cloud platform and create highly scalable, highly available, and fault-tolerant design. Learn from top-rated mentors to become an Azure Certified Administrator. Enroll for this Microsoft Azure course today and get a head start in your career.

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  • 23 Nov 2022
  • English

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This course includes:

  • 40+ hours of Live interactive training session videos
  • How to Create Azure Free Tier Account for Practical’s, all info is available in LMS
  • LMS is Updated Regularly so you get access to New Topics which are added/modified
  • You will get a Training Certificate from Attari Classes

What you'll learn

  • This Azure Training Course will help you Master the skills needed to operate the Cloud Infrastructure and also prepare you for Azure Administrator Certification Exam  AZ 104
  • You will get hands-on experience on Networking , Storage, Compute , Virtual Network(VNet), VPN, Firewall,  DNS, Traffic Manager, Site Recovery, Virtual Machine, Active Directory, Access Management , Identities, Scaling , DNS, Load Balancing, AD Connect, Migration and much more


  • Just Watch the Demo Lecture and 1st Lecture for Free, if u are able to understand, Go ahead and purchase
  • This course will surely help you to make a bright career in Azure Cloud

Why Azure LMS?

  • We have Live Recorded Lectures of training in LMS, which helps in resolving your queries as many queries and resolutions are recorded in LIVE lectures
  • These are Recorded Lectures of Live Hands-on Practical Training, so you can understand and perform live practical's on Cloud for FREE by referring LMS
  • Our courses have a proper course flow where we teach from basics upto advance (you do not get this in 99% Online Video Tutorial)
  • You also have the option of upgrading to Live Instructor Led Training by just paying difference in Fees
  • LMS is Updated Regularly so you get access to New Topics which are added/modified

Course content

32 sections
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  • Managed Disk
  • OS, Data & Temp Disk
  • Disk Type HDD/SSD
  • Changing Temp drive Letter 
  • Azure Locks Practical
  • Azure Account Creation
  • Region, Location,
  • Subscription, Support Plan
  • Help & Support from Azure
  • Resource Group, Tag
  • IAM
  • User Creation in Azure AD
  • Azure RBAC  Roles
  • Azure AD  Roles
  • Management Groups
  • Azure Traffic Manager Functioning
  • Implementation of Routing Methods 
  • Global DNS
  • Storage Account Performance/Kind 
  • Access Tier, Replication 
  • Container Type
  • Storage Endpoint
  • Lifecycle
  • Soft Delete
  • Azure Site Recovery Working
  • Recovery Service Vault Creation
  • Perform Failover Operation
  • Public & Private Load Balancer
  • Basic & Standard Load Balancer 
  • Installing IIS and Testing

  • Azure AD Deleted Users Recovery
  • User Sign-in logs
  • Audit Logs
  •  Azure AD MFA
  • Virtualization Overview, Availability Set
  • Fault & Update Domain
  • Proximity Placement
  • Availability Zone, VM SLA
  • Azure Backup Understanding
  • Backup & Restore of VM
  • Soft Delete
  • Restore Only File Practicals
  • Private & Public IP Addressing
  • Virtual Network(Vnet) & Subnet
  • VM Family, VM Creation
  • VM Resize
  • Reset Password, Boot Diag,
  • Virtual Machine Scale Set Understanding
  • Creating Scale in/out Policy 
  • Testing Scale Set 
  • Stop/Deallocate
  • Auto-Shutdown
  • Setting Static Private IP  to VM
  • Changing VM Subnet
  • Setting DNS IP at VM/Vnet level 
  • Disassociating Public IP Address
  • Deep Dive in VM NSG(Network Security Group)
  • Inbound and Outbound Rule Creation
  • Setting Rule Priority and Practicals 
  • Creating and attaching data disk
  • Increasing the size of the data disk
  • Taking Backup of VM Using Snapshot
  • Restoring the VM from Snapshot
  • Creating Images 
  • Reservation of VM & Disk in Azure
  • Spot VM
  • Azure Pricing Calculator
  • Azure Invoice Deep Dive
  • Budget
  • Azure VPN Gateway 
  • Fortigate Firewall Creation,On - Prem Connectivity
  • Azure Express Route
  • VM, Snapshot 
  • Storage Account Creation Using Powershell
  • Transfer of snapshot Region to Region using AZCopy Deep Dive
  • What is Azure Cloud
  • What is Pay As You Go Model
  • What is IAAS
  • Overview of Azure Account Creation for practical’s
  • Overview of Azure Region, Virtual Machine, Load Balancer
  • Overview of Azure Backup, Disaster Recovery, IAM
  • Docker, Containers and Kubernetes OverView - Bonus Lecture - Self Study

  • To Create Azure Free Tier Account, you will need a Valid Credit/Debit Card
  • Please enable international transaction on your card, to enable you can login to Netbanking or use your bank mobile app 
  • You also get a Free Credit from Azure of 14500 INR or 200 USD for 1 Month into your account

  • Please delete all resource group
  • Create everything in central india
  • step 1. create a RG
  • step 2. create a vnet -
  • step 3. create  subnet as  web-subnet  -
  • step 4. create  subnet as  db-subnet  -
  • step 4. create a vm name as web-vm in az-1 in web-subnet
  • step 5. create a vm name as database-vm in az-1 in db-subnet
  • Please note select the vm size as Ds1_v2
  • Please take rdp of your vm and check

How to delete the lab of Azure Backup and Site Recovery and Create Lab for the next Lecture
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