AWS Solution Architect Training Associate Video Tutorial

This Self Paced Course from Attari Classes will help you to prepare for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam (SAA-C03), You will learn Cloud computing, VPC, S3, EC2, AutoScaling, RDS and much more. You will work with various services of the AWS cloud platform and create highly scalable, highly available, and fault-tolerant design. Learn from top-rated mentors to become an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate . Enroll for this AWS course today and get a head start in your career

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This course includes:

  • 40+ hours of Live interactive training session videos
  • How to Create AWS Free Tier Account for Practical’s, all info is available in LMS
  • LMS is Updated Regularly so you get access to New Topics which are added/modified
  • You will get a Training Certificate from Attari Classes

What you'll learn

  • This course will prepare you for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate exam (SAA-C03)
  • You will learn skills such as AWS Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2), Simple Storage Service (S3), Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Relational Database Service (RDS), Load Balancer with Auto Scaling, Route 53 (DNS Service) and much more
  • You will also learn the best practices to be followed while working on AWS Cloud


  • Just Watch the Demo Lecture and 1st Lecture for Free, if u are able to understand it, Go ahead and purchase
  • This course will surely help you to make a bright career in AWS Cloud


  • We have Live Recorded Lectures of training in LMS, which helps in resolving your queries as many queries and resolutions are recorded in LIVE lectures
  • These are Recorded Lectures of Live Hands-on Practical Training, so you can understand and perform live practical's on Cloud for FREE by referring LMS
  • Our courses have a proper course flow where we teach from basics upto advance (you do not get this in 99% Online Video Tutorial)
  • You also have the option of upgrading to Live Instructor Led Training by just paying difference in Fees
  • LMS is Updated Regularly so you get access to New Topics which are added/modified

Course content

25 sections
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  • Testing VPN Connectivity
  • Deploying AD Connector
  • IAM Roles for EC2 and S3 access
  • On premises user integration with Cloud(Hybrid Cloud)
  •  AWS VPC to On Premises Connectivity Scenario
  • Installing Microsoft AD
  • Deploying & Configuring Fortinet Firewall
  • VPG
  • CG & VPN Setup
  • Default VPC
  • Custom VPC
  • Route Table association with Subnet
  • Route Table deep dive with practical's
  • Scheduling of Snapshot
  • Basics of S3
  • S3 Bucket creation
  • S3 bucket versioning
  • S3 objects Cross Region Replication
  • Hosting Website in S3
  • Simple Notification Service(SNS)
  • Overview of  Implied Router & Route Table 
  • What is Internet Gateway  
  • How to Attach to Internet Gateway  to VPC 
  • Overview of Security Groups 
  • Overview of NACL 
  • What is VPG  
  • What is VPN
  • What is Direct Connect 
  • IAM User creation and permission
  • VPC Components like CIDR & Subnetting
  • VPC & Subnetting practical's
  • VPC Peering Hands on lab
  • EBS & Instance Store
  • Types of EBS Volumes
  •  EBS Hot add Volume
  • Hot Extend & Modify Volumes
  • NAT Instance (In this NAT Instance Lab, you get Hands-on many concepts like RT, SG, Subnets, etc.)
  • NAT Gateway
  • EC2 families
  • EC2 practicals Using Key Pair
  • How to Change Password of EC2
  • Understanding how NACL & SG works by performing live practicals
  • Reserved Instance
  • EC2 Instance states (Start, Stop, Hibernate, Terminate)
  • Elastic IP
  • EC2 termination protection
  • Cluster & Spread Placement Group
  • Partition Placement group
  • EBS Snapshot
  • EBS migration to another AZ & Region
  • Copy Snapshot
  • EBS Encryption basics
  • EBS Encryption deep dive
  • KMS
  • Private & Public Snapshots
  • Sharing EBS Snapshot, 
  • What is AWS Cloud
  • What is Pay As You Go Model
  • What is IAAS/SAAS/PAAS
  • Benefits of AWS Free Tier Account
  • What is AWS Region, Availability Zone, EC2
  • Overview of Load Balancer, Auto Scaling, IAM
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